Neon Font Wall Art Lighting

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Neon Font Wall Art Lighting

Seletti Neon Font Lighting - Wall Art Tubular glass numbers, letters & symbols

Designer & Concept: SELAB of Seletti

Seletti's Neon Font Lamp illuminates your quip, mood, or mantra in bright neon pop art. Transform a word or phrase into a playful reminder, irreverent term, or daily affirmation. Create Neon pop art and fascination with typography inspired by the typewriter font.

Available in all the letters of the alphabet and symbols. Can be connected to each other with a simple plug. Neon Font requires a transformer (sold separately), scroll down to learn more and link to the transformers.

Materials: Glass Lamp with Neon Gas
Hanging Neon Lamp, available in Letters, Numbers and Symbols

How to create your Neon Statement:
Choose your character(s)
Select a transformer based on the number of characters chosen. Only Seletti Neon transformers maybe used
Choose optional 3.5m extension lead when the art will be high up on a wall or at a distance from the outlet

Note: Neon has a 5,000 hour life and should be turned off when not in use. For indooråÊuse.

Dimensions: 17cm High
Lamp Type: Neon lamp
Bulbs: Max 5W - E14
Warm light
UL Listed